“Dynamics, growth and challenges is what I like the most”

As part of Business Sweden’s international team, Ulrika Hallström has gained broad experience in different markets and cultures across the globe.

Ulrika Hallström’s career at Business Sweden began as a trainee at the organization’s global trainee program three years ago. Today she works as a consultant at Business Sweden’s Vienna office where she helps Swedish companies accelerate growth via Greenfield, M&A and sales acceleration in Eastern and Central Europe.

What did you enjoy the most about being a trainee at Business Sweden?
– The opportunity to experience different markets. I first spent six months in Chicago to get to know the North American market and after that, I went to Nairobi in Kenya to focus on the East African markets. I really enjoyed that I got the chance to both experience well-established markets as well as those in development. This is something I have good use of now when I work towards both Central and Eastern Europe.

Tell us about a project that you have worked on!
– At the moment I am involved with a project where we help a Swedish company establish a factory in Serbia. We have been assisting them with everything from where their production should be located to securing subsidies from the Serbian government.

What makes you proud of working at Business Sweden?
– Creating value and making an impact for Swedish companies makes me proud and I am incredibly grateful to be part of such a highly skilled global team. I also really enjoy the company culture that Business Sweden has created. It is both collaborative and results-oriented. And everyone is very driven and working together towards the same goal.

Do you have any advice to others who want an international career?
– I would advise those who are still in school to learn at least one other language in addition to English. Interaction is a central part of an international career and the more languages you know the easier it will be to interact with others. To those who are dreaming about working abroad – but are hesitant to take the plunge – I would say: “Just do it!”. And when you do, be open to new experiences and people. I have learned so much in such a short period of time at Business Sweden and I am still learning each day. The best part is the entrepreneurial environment, the challenges, and the dynamics.

Text: Sara Schedin

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. We offer our customers strategic advice and hands-on support. Business Sweden has offices with both Swedish and native consultants in nearly 50 of the world’s most interesting markets, and can, therefore, offer an international, flexible and interesting work environment.

Number of employees: 500 globally and 130 in Sweden.

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Ulrika Hallström

Title: Consultant.

Education: International marketing and management, Copenhagen Business School, 2015.

What is your favorite spot in Vienna?“Before moving to Vienna, I did not know that Vienna is the only world capital producing significant quantities of wine within the city limits. Nussberg, my favorite spot in Vienna, lies on the eastern edge of Vienna and is an area covered with forest and vines, which for me is very novel and unique. From the hill, you have an amazing view of the vineyards and the city. Beautiful scenery and elevation make it the perfect spot to go for a challenging nature trail run or for a nice Sunday walk. I enjoy escaping the city buzz to spend time at Nussberg, every season is unique, in spring the first leaves start growing on the vines and in the autumn ready to harvest grapes and beautiful autumn colored leaves frame this spot.”

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