“Making a difference to people’s lives is a big motivation”

Photo: Julia Sjöberg

Elsa Eugensson is part of the team transforming Volvo Cars from a manufacturer into a tech company.

An agile transformation is currently underway at Volvo Cars’ active safety department. Elsa Eugensson is the project manager in charge of technology for all driver assistance and collision avoidance systems. She heads a team of product owners who in turn are in charge of component systems such as parking aids, cameras, and cruise control.

Tell us about your job!
– Since I’m not responsible for personnel, my leadership is all about motivating the team. It’s my job to set targets for where we’re headed and then to get everyone pulling in the same direction. Managing managers is a new experience for me, so I’m working on my skills in this area right now. Volvo offers a great range of in-house training programmes in leadership and personal development.

”I think most of us are driven by curiosity and a desire to solve problems together”.

How did you end up at Volvo Cars?
– I joined the company on one of its graduate programmes in 2012. When I finished, I thought it would be really exciting to work on active safety and joined the department as a system project manager. This is truly a forward-looking field, involving work on software development, sensors, and mechatronics.

What are you working on right now?
– Some people might see Volvo as an old-fashioned company, but my everyday reality is ultramodern. There’s a huge amount happening in this field right now, which is fantastic. The entire car industry is transforming itself into a high-tech business with connected services and features.

What’s it like working at Volvo Cars?
– I think most of us are driven by curiosity and a desire to solve problems together. There’s a great team spirit at the company. Making a difference in people’s daily lives by helping to reduce traffic accidents is a big motivation.

Tell us about Volvo Cars’ goal of recruiting more female managers!
– In the six years I’ve been here, I’ve seen increasing numbers of women taking on senior roles, but we can always do better. We have an extensive school outreach programme to inspire girls to pursue careers in engineering.

Text: Sara Schedin

Volvo Cars

Our people are creating the next generation of premium cars for customers that value innovative ways to move and connect. We are guided by a vision that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured by a new Volvo and are preparing to put 1 million electrified vehicles on the roads by 2025.

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Elsa Eugensson

Job titel: Project manager.

Education: Design engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, graduated 2011.

What inspires you in your job? “The technical challenges and the fact that not everything has an obvious solution.”


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